I Saw You

Photo by Alexander Popov on Unsplash
The Purple Grape Thurs 9/24

I saw you sitting at the wine bar. I was the guy on the other end scribbling in my notebook. We traded glances a few times before your loud and overly tanned date showed up. You looked sad when he put his hand on your back and escorted you out. It felt like we had a moment, am I wrong? Maybe we could get together for dinner and drinks. Your brown-haired friend at the bar knows how to reach me.

L.A. flight to Austin

I sat next to you,  didn’t want to disturb your reading for most of the flight. Before landing, we talked about the nagging pressure in our eardrums and laughed. I thought you had a great smile. After we landed you disappeared in the terminal and there was no sign of you at baggage claim. Kicking myself for not asking how to contact you. Hoping you read this.

Saw you at St John’s Hospital

You: beautiful Charge Nurse with curly brown hair, fourth floor. Me: lanky guy with goatee. I asked you for directions to Room 420. Yes, I can read signs. Just needed an excuse to talk to you. I’ve been back several times but you haven’t been there. Hope you’re not married. I didn’t see a wedding ring.

Cinephile man of my dreams

Where: Aero Theater. When: Last Friday night 9/25. You: tall gentleman with great arms and a dimpled chin. You held the theater door open for me while my hands were full of snacks. I saw you checking out my boobs. Let’s talk movies and make out in the back row.

Fairway Angel

Rancho Park Golf Course last Saturday, 9/26. The foursome I was in played behind you and your girlfriend. Your ball went in the rough, I drove my cart up to you and helped you look for it. Maybe we can hit the tees at the driving range soon or have a drink at the 19th hole.

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